Our Vision

Our vision is to create a school that unlocks the potential of every child.

Mission Statement

Core Values

  • Engaging, Innovative learning practices
  • Student led teaching aided by modern learning tools and resources
  • Captivating indoors and outdoor spaces to spark creativity
  • Emphasis on character building through range of spots and extra curricular activities
  • Imbibing culture of competing hard while always being fair
  • An environment where it is cool to be nice
  • Relentless focus on setting and achieving outstanding academic goals
  • Recognising individuality of every child and setting targets accordingly
  • Challenging students positively to reach their highest potential
  • A supportive community for everyone associated with Safa British School
  • A home away from home for students, an extended family for staff
  • Celebrate each other’s individual successes while never losing sight of teamwork