Yusuf Sidat

Having completed by Bachelors’ degree and PGCE at Universities in Leicester, where I was born and raised, I worked for 6 years at a community secondary school within the city. During this time, I taught Science to years 7 to 11 and was fortunate enough to also teach some Key Stage Three PE. I began working at the school as part of my PGCE placement and was offered the position upon completion of the course. I have been fortunate in that, both the first and the last school, I worked in prior to joining Safa British School raised their inspection ratings to Outstanding during my time working within the school. 

About Me

This allowed me to experience and develop the required work ethic, determination required on the path to success. Over the course of my teaching career to date, I have also held additional responsibilities for whole school PHSE, pastoral leadership for designated year groups and as a Form Tutor. I have also taught Mathematics at KS3. My personal philosophy of education is: Every child matters and I firmly believe that through building positive relationships and having a student centered focus a positively progressive learning environment is established. This is done by building mutual trust, respect and collaborative working relationships with all members of the school and wider community.

I moved to Dubai in 2012, accompanied by my wife and two children. This is my second year at Safa British School. Even in this short time I have seen the school grow and take great strides forward. I have enjoyed being heavily involved in the start and the development of the Secondary school and eagerly look forward to continue supporting our organic, yet rapid growth. I love to spend time with my family and our friends. Aside from this my favourite past time is watching and playing football.

My Experience

BSc (Hons) Pharmaceutical Chemistry | PGCE

There are too many to recount that have all provided a real sense of satisfaction and purposefulness. I will say that for me, the best experiences have been when ex-students have reached out to let me know of the successes they are having in their lives. Most recently an ex-student from my last school called me to let me know he received an unconditional offer from his first choice university. During the conversation he reminisced about joining the school as a Year 7 student and his journey. Being able to see the growth and positive developments that students make, in order to move forward successfully in their lives fills me with great joy.