Rehab Tanous

Rehab Tanous

Rehab Tanous

Teachers are the ones who give us the way to live a good life, so if you are a sincere teacher, the future will be full of success and most importantly peace because what you sow you will get. This is my absolute belief in the educational vision .

About Me

My name is Rehab, and it is a name inspired by the Arabic language, which I adore, and I  hope to be one of the people who are able to protect it from distortion. I am single, residing in Dubai. My dreams are many, the greatest of which is to be an important teacher .  

I was born in a small village to a family that loves science. During my studies in the early stages I discovered my love to be an Arabic teacher because of my love for the Arabic language and written poems and stories. My Mom saw that I was inspired to be a teacher by teaching my dolls and my young sisters. I wanted to succeed in this field, so I went to study the Arabic language specialization in the faculty of art.  

I got a university degree with a good average and decided to start my career in teaching Arabic, which is a difficult language even for speakers of it, especially in the field of expression and grammar, but because of my love for this language I tried to simplify it and communicate its rules in a simple way to my students.  

I continued my career in self-development by attending many educational seminars and applied for a diploma to help me more in education. 

I  thought for 10 years in my country in state and private schools, as well as teaching private classes. And I moved to Dubai dreaming that I could fulfill my biggest dream of being interested in Arabic through teaching.

I got an opportunity to practice the profession of teaching for non- native speakers in private institutes, and I had the happy opportunity to enter the wonderful Safa British School to be a teaching assistant for the Arabic language. I will work with all my ability, energy, and culture to develop myself and be able to continue with what the work requires of me.

My Experience


  • College of Arts and Humanities Arabic
  • Tishreen University Tartous 2012 
  • Diploma in educational qualification Tishreen University Tartous 2014

Work Experience 

  • Arabic teacher  government schools Tartous  Sep2012-Agu2018 
  • Arabic teacher AL Rawaad private institute Tartous – private teacher Sep2018-Agu2021
  • HTLA at Safa British School 2021