Rebecca Barry

After graduating from University, I secured a place on the highly acclaimed Marks and Spencer Graduate Management Programme. I was promoted to the post of Commercial Manager in Bangor, Northern Ireland, responsible for the food, clothing and operations side of the business. After my invaluable experience, I was given the position of Store Manager in Didsbury, Manchester, UK. Having achieved my goal of being a Leader and Manager in business, I made the decision to fulfill my dream of being a teacher.

About Me

I changed my career to achieve my passion in life, being able to inspire young people and make a difference in their lives. I graduated from Chester University in 2010 with a PGCE in Secondary Mathematics and since then, I have been fortunate to work in many roles including, Whole School Attendance Lead and Character Enrichment, Head of Year and Head of Department.

In January 2017, I moved to the UAE with my young daughter and husband, spending 2.5 years in RAK before moving to Dubai in 2019. Teaching is my true passion and my enthusiasm for mathematics comes across whenever I’m with the children. In my experience, I have found that some pupils hold negative preconceptions about maths, I always strive to change this by building their confidence and helping them develop as successful mathematicians. Having overcome my own challenges in maths at school, I understand why pupils sometimes struggle with certain concepts and which ones they may find more difficult. I relish being able to provide pupils with the tools to access the subject easily, making it exciting whilst still maintaining the challenge level. My motivation stems from my desire to improve children’s live chances, having a positive impact not only on their results, but also on their character and aspirations.

My Experience

BA Hons Media Studies & Journalism | PGCE in Secondary Mathematics | NPQSL (Currently completing)

There have been so many over the years, however, watching children grow into young people and become more confident; is an amazing feeling. I love sitting back and listening to classroom discussions between students, where they express their own opinions and thoughts. For me, this shows their confidence, passion and engagement with the subject.