Rawaa Badrah


Having graduated from Arabic Literature College from Jordan University 2008, I worked as an Arabic teacher for the last 10 years, I started my career as a teacher in Saudi Arabia in Alrowad International School for 5 years, I enjoyed teaching primary students Arabic B language helping them learning a new language with full of excitement & love, for me it was very motivating role to help non-arabic speakers to understand & be able to talk their non- mother language.

About Me

Then, I worked in 3 different international British schools in Dubai including Safa, where I found a great environment to work with full team-working and collaboration. During these 10 years, I attended lot of courses in teaching, managing the class, distance learning last summer… etc.

I moved with my lovely family (husband and 3 children) to UAE/Dubai 2016 when my husband got a reallocation to Dubai covering MENA region then EMEA as a sales director. Moving to Dubai was a transformational step in my professional and personal life, I learned a lot in Dubai, I love it, it provides lot of luxury and high life-style. I spend my time in achieving valuable things, I like reading and writing.

My Experience

BSC in Arabic Literature | Teaching License

I can’t forget those moments when some parents or mothers say to me “my son or daughter started loving Arabic language because of you”, it touches my heart and gives me high motivation to keep my best efforts to my students whom I used to deal with them as my children with full of love and care.