Ranim Haddad

Ranim Haddad

Ranim Haddad
Seeking to create a supportive and inclusive learning environment for non-native students that encourages them to develop their Arabic language skills to become part of their surrounding community in UAE.

About Me

Passionate, and dedicated Arabic teacher with over 8 years of experience teaching Arabic curriculums for primary education grades (non-natives). Proven ability to incorporate modern instructional methodologies to provide equity and excellence towards student’s academic progress. Committed to fostering a love for the Arabic language and culture through engaging lessons and interactive activities.

My Experience

In 2015 I started my career as an Arabic teacher in my home country. After that I moved to UAE in 2019 and started teaching Arabic courses in Arabic language centers.
Then, I started as Arabic language schoolteacher for non-Arabs officially
In 2023 I moved to Safa British School in Dubai, as an Arabic B teacher for primary.