Rachel Hamill

Education is the passport to the future

About Me

My name is Rachel Hamill and I am from Glasgow, Scotland. I am so excited to say that I will be teaching the Year 3 Green class at Safa British School this coming year. Having always found myself enjoying school and playing teacher’s with my little sister, I always knew that I was destined to be a primary school teacher. After finishing high school, I attended Strathclyde University in Glasgow to study Sport and Physical Activity. Participating in sport has always been a passion of mine, therefore, I decided to study something that I love. Following my degree, I went back to Strathclyde to complete my PGDE in Primary Education. On completion of my diploma I worked in an amazing little primary school in the countryside in Scotland. I then moved onto being a primary PE teacher and inclusion support teacher within 2 other schools.

Finally, ‘The Me You Cant See’. I have a passion for travelling to new countries where I can learn about different cultures. I worked in America for 4 summers whilst studying. I was a lifeguard and swim instructor at a summer camp in New Jersey. I loved it! I play netball and more recently rugby and boxing in my spare time. I love being active and keeping busy with my friends. Lastly, I enjoy travelling back to Scotland to spend time with my amazing family, in particular my little baby niece, Poppy. 

My Experience

Moving and working abroad was always a goal of mine. I moved to Dubai in the height of the pandemic, October 2020. This has easily been one of the best decisions I have ever made due to the incredible experiences I have had. Dubai has been home to me ever since and I cannot wait to start my new chapter at Safa British. As a teacher, I always strive to deliver engaging and active lessons. I love building relationships with my students where they can view me as a person of support and care. I provide a nurturing environment where I encourage confidence and independence. I have high standards and I expect my students to be polite and kind to one another at all times. I pride myself in the commitment I have towards teaching and the emphasis I place on student well-being.