Philippa Stumbles


Being born in South Africa, married to a Zimbabwean, having worked and travelled extensively after university abroad, having raised my children when they were young in the UK and now having for lived for over 12 years in the Middle East; I can truly say I am a citizen of the world. This helps me make teaching Geography and History such a passionate and real experience for my students.

About Me

Since graduating I have been fortunate in that I have taught in a number of excellent schools where I have honed my skills and passion for teaching. These started in a rural mine school in Namibia as a student teacher, progressing to 8 years in 3 top UK independent boarding schools, before moving to 2 highly regarded schools here in Dubai. Each holds a special place in my heart but most importantly they have been wonderful experiences which hold unique value for me. I now look forward to adding British Safa School to my experience. My drive for education comes from in the classroom through teaching children my love of Geography (as well as History and Economics/Business Studies), being a senior examiner for 20 years as well as my extracurricular pursuits – Duke of Edinburgh, team sports and the Army Cadets.

My Experience

BSc Geography & Economics | BSc Hons Environmental Science | Higher Diploma in Education

Seeing pupils excel in what they achieve or just grow in what they are engaged in, is the reason why teaching is the most rewarding profession around. I always promised myself I would quit, change careers or retire the day that I became bored. I can honestly say I have experienced many wonderful emotions over the years and boredom is definitely not one of them. When working with young people and especially teaching there are never dull moments, only unique ones!