Paula Welham

Paula Welham

Paula Welham

You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.

Maya Angelou

My name is Paula Welham. I have been very fortunate throughout my life to be inspired by those around me to fully explore my talents and interests in music and performance. It is this that I wish to share with others; to inspire and motivate the children at Safa British School to share my love of the subject and all the positivity it can bring to our lives.

About Me

I have a love of travel and am lucky that I share this passion with my husband and two children as I have trailed them all over the world. I love to discover adventures in between the pages of a book and through my own experiences. There is nothing more fascinating to me than meeting new people, experiencing new cultures and discovering new wonders throughout the world. I inherited this wanderlust from my father, who was an avid traveler, but I also inherited his passion for music. He loved nothing more than to learn a new instrument, perform and listen to his children perform. He enabled me to attend drama school at the age of 16, much to my mother’s horror at the idea of me leaving home so soon. It was inevitable that he would end up marrying another musician and my childhood was surrounded by music of all genres. I am one of 5 children and we were all expected to learn an instrument and our house was an eclectic mix of Pop, Rock, Folk and Classical music through my teens and I do my best to share this knowledge and passion with my students.

My Experience

In my late teens I returned from drama school to continue my academic studies, still focusing on drama as my specialism. Whilst studying and in the early part of my teaching career, I continued to perform on stage all over the country, giving me a wealth of experience in stage craft.
I started teaching in an infant school in 1996, teaching FS2; 6 years later I moved to Chicago with my husband for my first international position as Head of Early Years. During this time, I carried out many performances with the students, including taking part in the school orchestra with my clarinet.
Over the ensuing years I worked in several more primary schools, in the UK and Al Ain, with responsibilities for a variety of roles but always with music and performance as my greatest reward.