Nikki Morgan

As someone who always has the time to sit down with a good book and a strong cup of tea, having students talk to me about their love of books swells me with pride. To me, it means that I have made an impact.

About Me

Like many other teachers, I was heavily inspired by my own English teacher at school who once called me an ‘oxymoron’. His style of teaching is what made me the teacher I am today. However, teaching wasn’t always my end goal in life! My original degree was in Drama and Musical Theatre, but after a short period of teaching dance at my old secondary school and a brief catch up with that very English teacher, I decided to apply for my PGCE in Secondary English at the University of Wolverhampton and never looked back. I have now been teaching English for just over three years and love the challenge I face every year in passing on my passion for all things Literature to the students that walk through my classroom door.

I recently took on the challenge of leading a group of Year 10 students at the beginning of their GCSE studies as Head of Year 10 and have loved the fast-paced nature of the role after my previous role as Head of House.

My Experience

I moved to Dubai last year after living in Birmingham for all of my life. In my spare time, I have a plethora of hobbies that I pick up in times of inspiration. My latest hobbies are crochet and sewing! I love learning a new skill and being able to see the end result of my labour.