Nesrin Aballah

Nesrin Aballah

Nesrin Aballah

My aim is to inspire students and encourage them to enjoy learning Arabic, be confident, ask and participate.  I want them to feel that no question is too silly to ask. 

About Me

I was born and raised in Syria, from a very beautiful city called Lattakia, where there is one of the first written alphabet in the world. 

I believe that, first of all, we need to build a healthy relationship with our children and create a friendly atmosphere to get them engaged and make them happy and ready to learn. We need to learn twice before we decide to teach, that will make our children more confident in what they are learning. Every second we may learn a new thing but the point is how we learn. 

My Experience

I have been teaching primary aged pupils for 10 years now. It was my pleasure to spend those 10 years with the Safa Family.  

I started my journey of teaching Arabic as a second language in 2010. I have taught different age groups. For the last five years, I have been working in the foundation stages and I am happy to teach them.