Muhammad Eldosoky

Muhammad Eldosoky

Muhammad Eldosoky

Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today. 

Malcolm X

As a member of the Arabic team at SBS, I am a part of a team of highly professional and dedicated educators working towards building a strong Arabic program and offering an outstanding education focused on both academic excellence and personal growth.

About Me

I am an experienced, resilient, inspirational, and passionate Arabic B teacher who is able to not only ensure high academic standards but also, who can drive wider initiatives both in and outside the confines of the classroom. I was born in Egypt in 1992 and I graduated from the faculty of languages and translation in 2016 with a grade (very good with honors). 

Due to my solid track record of teaching experience; I am Quietly able to teach the students according to their individual educational needs using a range of engaging teaching and learning styles that empower students as learners and give them the opportunity to reach their academic potential and exceed the demands of the syllabus. I was awarded the teacher of the month award and have been nominated by Students and Parents for the 7th Yalla schools Amazing Teacher Awards 2021 for making a difference to their life.  

My Experience

I started my career journey in Egypt as Teacher and translator even before my graduation. I have teaching experience at different Egyptian schools and institutes.  

I moved to Dubai in 2019 and joined My 1st school WSD as an Arabic and Islamic teacher. 

Due to my outstanding performance in a short time, I became the coordinator of the department after the 1st year. 

 I have joined my new family, Safa British school on August 2022 to start another journey its goal is to support and guide students to achieve their full potential and get them ready to lead the future.