Moustafa Saad

Moustafa Saad

Moustafa Saad

Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere

About Me

My name is Moustafa Mahmoud Saad, and I was born in Egypt and from a young age, At the tender age of 5, I accomplished the remarkable feat of memorizing the Holy Quran.
My formative education took place at the esteemed Azhari Institute, where I pursued primary and secondary schooling, specializing in the intricate sciences of the Quran. Furthering my academic pursuits, I enrolled in the Faculty of Languages and Translation, specializing in Islamic Studies conducted in English. This scholarly endeavor provided an opportunity to explore the nuanced intricacies of Islamic thought and expression within a global context. In 2020, I graduated with distinction, a testament to my unwavering dedication and intellectual rigor.

My Experience

Embarking on my professional journey, I commenced my teaching career at New Generation International School in Egypt. This experience provided invaluable insights and allowed me to contribute significantly to the intellectual and moral development of students in my home country.

Subsequently, I extended my teaching endeavors to Dubai, where I joined Cambridge International School. This international setting further honed my pedagogical skills and provided a platform to engage with a diverse and dynamic student body.

In the past year, I have been particularly focused on my professional development. I undertook a comprehensive PDQ program at Cambridge University, dedicating over a year to honing my teaching skills. This period of intensive study has culminated in my certification as a Cambridge accredited teacher with PDQ, equipping me with invaluable expertise and a heightened proficiency in the field of education.