Mohammed Afify

Mohammed Afify

Mohammed Afify
Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world

About Me

My name is Mohammed Afify Hassanien, and I am from Egypt. I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Arabic Language, Literature, and Islamic Studies from the Faculty of Dar Al Uloom at Al Minia University, Egypt. In addition to my Bachelor’s degree, I pursued further educational advancement by obtaining both an Educational Diploma and a Professional Diploma in Special Educational Needs from the Faculty of Education.

My Experience

I am a dedicated Arabic Teacher with a wealth of experience and expertise in the educational realm. My journey in education has spanned over 8 years, during which I’ve been a vital part of Gems schools in Dubai, holding significant positions such as Arabic Teacher, Coordinator of the Arabic department, and Head of the Arabic department.
My educational background has provided me with a strong foundation to excel in teaching. I have always had a deep-rooted passion for enhancing the learning experience for students, which drove me to master the utilization of modern educational technologies.

My ability to connect with special educational needs students, adapting the curriculum to meet their unique requirements, has been a rewarding aspect of my career.

My passion for education, paired with my extensive experience and continuous thirst for knowledge, drives me to contribute meaningfully to the field of Arabic education and nurture the growth of students in every way possible.