Mohamed Ramadan

Mohamed Ramadan

Mohamed Ramadan
My aspiration is to create a lasting, positive impact on my students’ lives, one that will remain with them throughout their lifetime.

About Me

My name is Mohamed Ramadan, and I was born in 1989. During my high school years, I held my teachers in high regard as both educators and parental figures. They not only imparted academic knowledge but also provided valuable life lessons. This profound influence led me to pursue a career in education, so I decided to enroll in the Faculty of Education, specializing in Arabic and Islamic Studies at Suez Canal University. In 2010, I successfully graduated with a “Good” rating.

Following my graduation, I embarked on a journey as an Arabic language teacher in various schools across Egypt. The experience was rewarding as I continued to learn and grow both personally and professionally. In 2016, I made the decision to relocate to Dubai, where I embarked on a new chapter in my teaching career. In Dubai, I had the opportunity to teach the Arabic language to individuals from diverse backgrounds, including native Arabic speakers and non-Arabic speakers.

On a personal note, I am happily married and am the proud father of a daughter named Layan.

My Experience

I am currently employed as an Arabic language teacher at Al Safa British School, where I recently joined this year. My teaching journey commenced in Egypt back in 2013, where I dedicated three years to instructing Arabic and Islamic studies in various schools. In 2016, I took the leap to Dubai, where I contributed my expertise at GEMS Winchester School until August 2023. There, I had the privilege of instructing both native and non-native Arabic speakers across primary and secondary levels, spanning from first grade to tenth grade.

I am honored to share that my dedication and contributions led to my nomination for the seventh Amazing Teacher Award by Yalla Schools (2022)