Mai Mahmoud Hamza

Mai Mamdouh

Mai Mahmoud Hamza
My philosophy of teaching is to build good relationships with my students based on mutual respect and trust and set the tone for a classroom community, and I believe that a skillful teacher is a teacher who deeply cares about their students. They should also be humble and unassuming people, proving that true knowledge gives a person humility. A skillful teacher always understands their students, and helps them learn effectively

About Me

I am Mai Eissa, and I was born in Egypt (Mansoura). I have a Bachelor of Arts and Education (B.Ed) from the Department of English Language and Literature at El Mansoura University in Egypt. I also have a professional diploma and special diploma in Curriculum and Teaching Methodology of English Language from the same university. Additionally, I have a Diploma of Preparation and Training of Arabic Language Teachers for Non-Native Speakers (BACT Education) with the approval of the Knowledge and Human Development Authority in Dubai (KHDA), UAE, which I earned in March 2017. I have also undergone various training programs in child protection, leadership, teaching skills, and first aid. I am fluent in English and have excellent computer skills.

I am an Arabic B teacher who has been teaching for over a decade in various international schools across Dubai. I am a highly motivated and passionate educator who believes in improving the quality of learning and teaching to raise students’ outcomes. I am dedicated to my professional development and that of my team members, striving to develop my pedagogy and keep myself updated with the latest teaching methodologies.
I am an ambitious and enthusiastic individual who has excellent organizational and motivational skills. I am highly dedicated to my students and strive to make learning fun and engaging for them. I have a positive attitude and a good sense of humor, which has earned me praise from both students and fellow teachers.

My Experience

– My current position is Arabic B teacher at Safa British School, Dubai.

-Arabic and Islamic Teacher for Non-Native Speakers (Arabic B and Islamic B) – GEMS Founders School, Dubai from 2020 to 2023.

-Arabic teacher for non-native speakers at Al Sadiq Islamic English School Dubai (ATHENA EDUCATION) from 2018 to 2020.

– Arabic teacher for non-native speakers at Oxford School Dubai (LEAMS EDUCATION) from 2016 t0 2018.

-Arabic and Islamic Teacher for Non-Native Speakers at GEMS Our Own English High School Dubai (GEMS EDUCATION) from 2014 to 2016.

-Islamic studies teacher for non-native speakers at Sama American Private School Sharjah from 2012 t0 2014.

-Arabic teacher for non-native speakers at Gulf Asian English School Sharjah (PACE GROUP) from 2010 to 2012.