Maha Abdelfattah

Maha Abdelfattah

Maha Abdelfattah

I am an enthusiastic, committed educator with innate ability to understand and motivate my students. 

I strongly believe that each student is different and unique in their own way, therefore, I keen to be flexible and constantly modify my Content for better classroom environment.

About Me

I was born in Alexandia, Egypt in 1984. I’m a mother of twins, boy and girl. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts.  

Teaching has always been my passion; that drove me to pursue my postgraduate studies in education and I hold a Level 01 certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) & a diploma in educational phycology from Notting Hill College; I tend to create a healthy learning atmosphere and utilize my educational knowledge and experience into building trust with my students to become more engaged and creative. 

My Experience

I’m so excited to be part of SBS Family! I began my journey here in 2021 as Learning Support Assistant Then Teaching Assistant for year 1 where I have developed an extensive experience in communication methodologies and task-based philosophies.