Lynsey Gibson

Lynsey Gibson

I feel that a child that is inspired will give their best in all that they do. Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.


About Me

This is my 15th year teaching and my 7th year at Safa. My first teaching role was in Phuket, Thailand where I helped after the Tsunami in 2004. I realised just how rewarding teaching was and that it was most definitely my calling. Seeing the progression the children made at the end of each term, but most definitely by the end of the school year, really filled me with immense admiration for children and the way they learn.  

I have many interests outside of the classroom that include travelling, giving me an appreciation for learning about other cultures. I like to poi (fire twirl), which is something I learned whilst living in another country. I love spending time with my huge family and finally, I enjoy exercise, yoga, walking outdoors and reading.  

My Experience

I completed a three-year BA (Hons) Initial Teacher Training degree at Worcester University where I have experience in teaching years 2, 5 and 6. I taught in Early Years for 11 years, Year One for three years and will now be going into my first-year teaching in Year Three at Safa and I am super excited! 

I believe that children naturally want to learn and want to be independent. They are constantly learning and can be resilient, confident, strong, kind and challenged. My teaching philosophy is based on the development of every child through building confidence and self-esteem by being interactive and creative in their learning. I also believe in equality for everyone and the excitement and fun that go with learning from others and embracing faiths, beliefs, and cultures. I have high expectations of respect for others within the classroom; I also encourage children to make the right choices that are fair to themselves and their peers, teachers, and parents.