Louay Khatib

Managing Partner of Safa British School & Safa Community School 

Louay began his career as an economist with the World Bank in Washington, DC where he was part of the Policy Group responsible for formulating countries’ health and education policies in the Middle East and North Africa Region.

Louay then served as a senior economist for the Jordanian Government, where he managed a National Tourism Development Project funded by the World Bank, which resulted in an investment program that prepared the country for deregulation and streamlining of procedures that impeded private sector participation and tourism growth.

At Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (“ASEZA”) Louay served as the Director of Business Development and Marketing during which he led a team that attracted multi-sector investments of over US$500M.

Louay has worked as Development Director at GEMS Education offering investment and management of education services to prospective investors. Notably he developed school projects in Libya and Jordan and has signed agreements to develop ventures in Egypt, Sudan, Oman and the UAE.

In 2007, Louay established Education Capital LLC which acquired 2 schools in the UAE and a chain of nurseries in Egypt, which the company managed for four years. During the four years, the two schools managed to build a strong academic foundation as evident from school accreditations and external inspection reports.