Kristopher Relucio

Kristopher John Relucio

Kristopher Relucio

An athlete since grassroots level, I am passionate about sports. Having been on a full on football scholarship from Secondary to College, training regularly is a huge part of my life. I found myself to be passionate in driving fitness, training and performance enhancement across various platforms and sporting activities.

About Me

Currently, I play Football during the weekends and not too long ago I have also represented the Philippines as a member of the Philippine National Football Team before I moved to Dubai. I also play Ultimate Frisbee and have represented the Philippines and UAE internationally in World Games. On the side, I play a lot of tennis which gives me great workout and lots of fun.

My Experience

Having moved in 2010 from the Philippines, Dubai has given me valuable insight and the opportunity to appreciate and adapt to a multi-cultural diverse community, which I have truly embraced. My desire to continue with sports development has lead me to work in a learning environment. I am always interested in new challenges and welcome opportunities to use my skills and experience in a different capacity than I have in the past. Working with SBS and the children has been nothing but rewarding.