Kala Balan

About Me

I was born and raised in the capital city of India (Delhi) in a family of Journalists and banking professionals. From a young age, my twin brother and I enjoyed working with numbers. Following my degree in Math and Accounting and a PG Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication, I began my career working for a media house in Delhi and during that time, I had the opportunity to work on a social sector project which focused on women trafficking and their health concerns in Mumbai. The project touched my heart and I changed my career path and focused all my attention working with people who had the passion to create a meaningful life for the lower strata of the society. 

My Experience

My 10 years stint with charitable institutions like National Foundation for India and GiveIndia (an online platform for individual donors to donate to charities) made me realise that how privileged I was to lead a normal life where I was not struggling everyday to meet my daily needs. Through my work, I was fortunate to meet top business houses in India and work on their corporate social responsibilities (CSR) projects. I was privileged to work on a variety of social causes from health to physical and mental disability to Education and child rights.