Jordan Kelly

Jordan Kelly

Jordan Kelly

My name is Jordan Kelly and this will be my second year teaching in Dubai at Safa British School.  

About Me

I am from Glasgow, Scotland where I studied to become a Primary Teacher at the University of Glasgow. During my studies, I was offered the chance to study for a semester at the University of Sydney. I graduated with a First-Class MA (hons) in Primary Education after four years. 

Outside of school, I enjoy cycling, spending time with family and friends and travelling around the world. 

My Experience

Since graduating in 2019 I have worked as a Year 2, Year 5 and Year 6 teacher. Teaching across two key stages developed my understanding of the curriculum and enhanced my professional knowledge. 

After two years teaching in my home country, I decided to achieve my dream of teaching overseas. Safa British School was a perfect fit, as I too believe in children’s unique talents.  

From my professional experience, I am confident implementing engaging and innovative learning which is student centred. I cannot wait to begin teaching in Key Stage 1 again and to be part of the childrens’ transition from FS2 to Year 1.