Gabriella Lo Conte

Gabriella Lo Conte

Gabriella Lo Conte

It is a firm belief of mine that creating a safe and engaging atmosphere in both the classroom and the wider school is paramount to nurturing happy and successful independent learners.  Learning should be fun and unique to the individual.  I am consistently challenging children’s learning and further enabling them to absorb every aspect of their environment.   

I am looking forward to providing the children with a variety of opportunities to learn through delivering stimulating and engaging lessons to ensure that all children can grow, develop and achieve their full potential in FS2 at Safa British School. 

About Me

With the experience I gained I decided it was the right time for me to challenge myself further and move to Dubai.  This is my 4th year in Safa British School; I have enjoyed exploring different cultures, traditions and languages.  Coming from an Italian background I thrive on different cultures coming together, learning from one and other, and making positive connections.  

My Experience

Having completed my bachelor’s degree at the University of Central Lancashire, I began my teaching journey by completing a School-Centred Initial Teacher Training programme specialising in the Early Years Foundation Stage.  This was a wonderful opportunity to enhance my skills and expertise through receiving practical teacher training and a chance to get a hands-on experience in the classroom, school and wider community. 

 In 2019 I completed by NQT year at Anderton Primary School in Chorley, England.  It provided me with invaluable, firsthand, experience.  It has equipped me with a solid understanding of the Early Years Foundation Stage and the Primary National Curriculum.