Gaafar Mohamad


The teaching profession is the light of the future and the fulfillment of ambition.

About Me

Teaching is my passion, during my childhood where I had grown up in my city Lattakia In Syria, I used to help my friends in my class who they were weak in Arabic language where I used a different methods to help them improve their understanding in Arabic Language. Passion for teaching has been grown up with me during my academic study at school and University later on, I Had decided to procced with this filed because I knew that I can be a successful parson in this field that’s why I have chosen to go through the Educational Administration planning studies in Arabic Language and later on I Got a Diploma of Education Qualified from Tishreen University. Later on I started to improve my skills through teaching in different private institute during my study at university. in 2013 I had completed my Bachelor Degree

My Experience

I found a good opportunity with UNICEF as a Case Manager for special needs educational support where I gained a big experience through provide a psychological support for families and support them to help their children how to communicate with their society in prober way, at the same time I had joined LTI Language training Center as an Educational Coordinator where I Helped to develop educational process at the center choosing the best methods for teaching students. In 2017,I join virtual Syrian University for master in MBA and it is on going. I moved to Indonesia to do my Master degree in Arabic language teaching where I completed the Master degree from University of Negri Malang in2020. During MY Master studies in Indonesia, I have worked as an Arabic teacher in the same University. After that in 2020 I moved to Dubai to teach in Towheed Iraninan School as an Arabic Teacher. I joined Safa British School in the academic year 2021- 2022. I am excited to join the Arabic department to help and inspire my students to learn Arabic. Bachelor of Educational administration planning in Arabic Language from Tishreen University Syria. Diploma of Educational Qualified in Arabic Language from Tishreen UniversitySyria. Master of Arabic Language Teaching from Negeri Malang University Indonesia.