Florida Damo

About Me

I graduated in Computer Programming in 1994 and immediately landed a job in the Middle East.

I have always been fascinated with technology during my younger years. I remember the first time, I got to work on a computer just by using binary digits you can create a program that can be used in numerous ways like blinker, moving banners and other programming designs.

My Experience

As soon as I graduated, I landed a job in the Middle East as Storekeeper in a hospital. But after 3 months my employer transferred me to manage one of his businesses. It was a recreational center with a dress shop, beauty salon, dental clinic, gym, and computer café exclusively for ladies. Working as an operation manager for almost 10 years was challenging but it is an experience that made me develop my skills. Until 2003 I decided to go back home for good and was able to work in Coca Cola Bottlers Phils. as Quality Controller.

In 2009 I tried my luck in the UAE and was able to join Safa British School as office assistant. It was a year after they offered me the position of Network Manager as well as an ICT Teacher. It has been a huge challenge for me as I have no experience in teaching. My skill in handling students was put to test.