Fatima Al Homsi

Fatima Al Homsi

Fatima Al Homsi

When you teach a child a language, you offer him one of the future keys. A language is like a compass that directs the child to creativity and excellence.

About Me

I was born in Damascus, the pearl of the east and the oldest capital in the world. I was born in a family that supports creativity; I graduated from Damascus University College of education to complete my grandparents’ path in creativity through writing stories and novels for kids. I worked with an Arabic publishing house and we created an Arabic language curriculum that was taught in multiple schools in Dubai during 2012. After that I started my Journey in teaching Arabic language in an American school in Dubai. During that time, I earned a diploma and was licensed as a professional trainer for creative and talented students. In 2019, I joined the Safa British school to be a part of this awesome family. 

My Experience

SEN Arabic teacher, Dubai – 2017 – Present. During this teaching experience, I had to make an individual plan for each of my students according to his\her health problem and their learning ability. Also, I used different teaching strategies that matched the students’ abilities. 

Moral education teacher, Dubai – 2017 – 2018. Teaching moral education to grade 1 and 2, including activity session related to the subject. 

Gifted and Talented department coordinator and trainer, Dubai — 2014 – Present.  The Gifted and Talented department’s major responsibility is to find gifted and talented students and develop their talents by a number of sessions. 

Arabic teacher, Dubai — 2013-2015. Teaching KG students’ Arabic language along with Islamic studies and science. 

Kindergarten section supervisor and Head of the Arabic department, Dubai — 2012-2013. Working as a supervisor in the KG section as well as being the coordinator for Arabic and Islamic studies.  

Lecturer, Dubai — 2013 – Present. Lecturer in educational guidance and strategies for teaching thinking.  

Arabic teacher, — 2009 – 2012.  Teaching Arabic for grade 4 and 5.

Director of the Commission publishing, Dar Safer, Syria — 2009 – 2012. 

Writer and curriculum designer, Dar Safer, Syria — 2008 – 2012. Working as a writer for children (writing educational stories that increase the child’s knowledge and talent indirectly). Moreover, I worked as a curriculum designer for KG students.