Ezia Aljarfi

Ezia Aljarfi

Ezia Aljarfi

Mission: Support the next generation in learning, education and instill morals and principles that elevate them in their community. 

Vision: Support a harmonious existence for all communities within the UAE and World 

About Me

My name is Ezia Al Jarfi. I have lived in the UAE since 1988. I successfully completed my Bachelor’s degree from the University of Science and Technology in Yemen in 2009. Yemen is renowned for its religious and education studies. I obtained my MBA from Torrens University in Sharjah in 2014. I finished my PhD in Education Technology on 19/8/2019 and diploma in SOD from Ajman university in 2020, and as a Life coach in 2022 from London, I am inspired to implement the strategies I learn in my classes with my students. 

I aim to have students with a pure smile, have great values and manners full of confidence, use their own leadership skills in their daily life, and aim to discover their hidden energies and talents in their personalities.s you see am a very positive person, I love my lord and am doing my best to serve him by serving my brothers and sisters who share with me this planet No Matter language or religion, everyone I meet can notice my philosophy. 

My Experience

As I have taught students from FS1 up to year 12 in different schools for 21 years in Dubai. 

I realize that teaching your child is a tremendous responsibility and I will do my best to ensure that your child has a motivating learning experience this year. I believe that by working together, we will make this a very successful school year. It is vital that you play an active role in your child’s Islamic education. I look forward to sharing my passion for Islamic Education with your child this year.