Emma Molloy

Emma Molloy

Emma Molloy
Naturally calm in nature and a positive, approachable person, I am conscientious and truly care about others. I believe it is crucial to be dynamic and foster positivity within a team to drive motivation, inspire and improve wellbeing and morale.

About Me

I am a UK registered children’s nurse with 20 years of practical nursing experience, having had the privilege of working with children between the ages of 0-18 years in various acute medical and surgical hospital settings in the UK. I completed my nurse training at Wolverhampton University in 2004.
I have absolutely loved my nursing career and caring for children.

I have two children in year 6 and 8 who are also new to Safa British school and together we are excited to start our new adventure here in Dubai.

We recently moved from Qatar after my husband finished working for FIFA. We had an exciting two years experiencing the buildup and being part of the World Cup 2022.

As a family, we love to ski and look forward to our annual winter holidays in the snow and in my spare time, I love to cook and entertain friends.

My Experience

Since leaving the UK in 2020 and working in an education setting in the Middle East, I have gained a wide range of skills that have fuelled my passion for working in schools and delivering quality health education to pupils and teaching staff.
I realised my love for school nursing after working at a British International school in Doha, Qatar where I supported the Head of Pastoral care in meeting the mental health and wellbeing needs of the pupils, provided health education to children, teachers and families, supporting children with chronic conditions such as diabetes and asthma and provided first aid care, treating injuries and illnesses.

Working in the Middle East in Qatar for the past two years has been an enlightening and enriching experience that has broadened my understanding and appreciation of different cultures and traditions. It has enhanced my knowledge and will undoubtedly benefit my future practice and working in schools. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from children and their families in this culturally diverse environment and look forward to continuing to make a positive impact on their lives.
I am excited to be the new school nurse at Safa British school this year.