Dr. Roopa Sajal

I am Dr Sajal always energetic and eager to learn new skills. I truly love working at Safa and it is a privilege to be a part of wonderful team.

About Me

I love reading, travelling and exploring new adventures in Dubai and has been enjoying this fabulous place.

My Experience

Dr Sajal graduated from University of Health Sciences, Pakistan and has over six years of experience and has been registered with General Medical Council (UK).

She has been certified in BLS, PALS,ACLS and Covid-19 management for educational institutions.

Dr. Sajal served as School Doctor in various premier schools in Dubai with key accountabilities of providing effective leadership over the school clinic by conducting comprehensive medical examination of students, prompt first aid and emergency care, the prevention and control of communicable diseases, and the maintenance of all medical records and reports. Moreover, assess, plan, and implement health care plans for children with chronic illnesses and children with special needs including allergies and providing health education