Danielle White

Danielle White

Danielle White

My name is Danielle , I have began acting as a shy 5 year old, drama helped me find my voice , work as a team, come out of my shell, think creatively and grow in confidence. I believe performing arts is an invaluable skill that will stick with you and benefit you through life.

About Me

As a child I moved from London to Dublin, so I understand the impact it can have on a child moving from their home country and also how it can grow a child in many ways.

Since beginning acting in London at a young age, I moved to Dublin to train as a professional actor in Bull Alley theatre company, I then progressed to the next level of advanced actor training.

In 2017 I moved to the USA to work in New York’s leading performing arts festival. This is where I found my love for teaching the arts. In New York, I worked in stagecraft, directing , improvisation groups and looked after the wellbeing of campers.

From my experience in New York, I returned to Dublin to study Drama Education and begin my career in Drama teaching.

In my spare time I teach public speaking and pronunciation classes as well as offering drama grade exams for children.

My hobbies include scuba diving, reading, boxing and getting as much sun as I can in the UAE.

My Experience

After secondary school, I trained as an actor with Bull Alley Theatre Company in Dublin. Whilst training as an actor I took additional teacher training with Trinity College London.

During my second year of college I volunteered to teach in my old secondary school, hosting drama workshops. After a few months of volunteering in the school, I was offered a position as their first drama teacher and to direct their annual school production.

Whilst volunteering in school, acting, teaching public speaking and working full time, I attended Griffith College Dublin to attain my PGCE in Drama education.

From my volunteering experience I began to work for myself and created an ECA programme for schools in Dublin who did not offer Drama as a subject on the curriculum.

Before leaving to work in the UAE I designed my own British curriculum drama scheme and offered it in over 5 schools across Dublin.

I began my international teaching experience in a private school in Abu Dhabi, here I created my own drama scheme to introduce drama to students in the UAE and direct productions relating to the history of the UAE.

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