Christopher Jones

I am passionate about making school a fun place to be and ensuring my students feel supported, safe and trusted.  

About Me

I am now in my third year here in Dubai and am thrilled to be in my first here at Safa British School. I have been teaching in year 4 for the past few years and am excited to be making the move up to year 6.  

I moved from Wales in the UK over 2 years ago and am still not used to the heat here in the UAE. I often travel home in search of rain and to see my family. In my spare time I enjoy making music. I am a singer and guitarist and have performed in many bands over the years.  

My Experience

I completed my primary education degree in Bangor, UK and then went into supply cover teaching for two years. I joined a small local school as a year 5 teacher in 2017. I enjoyed the community feel of such a small school and the interactions we regularly had with parents.  

As a very sporty school, we often competed in events across the county. From that I developed a love for teaching PE and was awarded sports teacher of the year for my county which was an honour.  

It was there I practiced teaching using innovative and technological strategies, leading computing professional development and developed a love of digital learning.