Bethany McTeigue


My name is Bethany McTeigue and I am very excited to be joining Safa British School this academic year.

About Me

From an early age I have been passionate to learn about and understand child development, triggered by the arrival of twin siblings when I was age six. I began my journey to become a specialised Early Years teacher when I graduated with a BA honours degree in Early Childhood Studies from the University of Chester. From this, I spent the next year working in different Early Years settings across England, as a teaching assistant and a learning support assistant. In addition, I had the amazing opportunity to volunteer in Early Years settings across different townships in South Africa before deciding to complete my Teacher Training. I graduated with a PCGE specialising in Early Years and worked in a Primary School in England for two years. My desire to educate, combined with my love of travel brought me to teach children in Dubai.

My Experience

I have been teaching in Dubai for six years in both a British and an International School in FS2 and thoroughly enjoyed my time working with children and families from all over the world. My confidence and ambition have flourished, and I am now ready for a new challenge where I can utilise my skills whilst learning new ones.  

As a professional, I ensure I develop positive relationships with children, parents, carers and colleagues. My aim is high; I focus on providing a stimulating, inclusive environment, always adjusting strategies, recognising that each child is unique. As an Early Years specialised teacher, I understand the importance of learning through play and how children should feel happy and safe, along with developing their love of learning.