Mohammadu Aslam Naleem

Aslam Naleem

Mohammadu Aslam Naleem

About Me

I am a 23-year-old professional with a Bachelor’s Degree in Network Engineering, which I earned from London Metropolitan University in 2021. Currently, I am dedicated to the field of IT and network engineering, continuously expanding my knowledge and skills to excel in this dynamic industry.
In addition to my technical skills in network engineering, I possess proficiency in web development and video/content creation using relevant software tools. These skills enable me to approach IT challenges from a holistic perspective, integrating creativity and technical expertise.
Outside of my professional life, I have a passion for reading, particularly in the realms of business and self-development. I also enjoy strategic games like chess and sports like football. Furthermore, I have a knack for website development, which I pursue as a hobby, allowing me to further explore my creative side.

My Experience

My career journey began with RR Donnelley Outsourcing in 2022, where I started as a Documentation Specialist. My commitment to excellence and my ability to adapt quickly led to a promotion to the position of Admin Associate. This experience in Sri Lanka exposed me to various administrative responsibilities and sharpened my organizational skills.
In August 2022, I took on a new challenge as the Design and Technology Lab Technician at Safa British School. This role allowed me to delve into cutting-edge technologies such as CNC Machines, Laser Cutting, and Vinyl Cutting. I thoroughly enjoyed working with these technologies and honed my proficiency in them. My time at Safa British School has been immensely fulfilling, and it has provided me with valuable hands-on experience.
Currently, I have embarked on a new chapter in my career as an IT Network Engineer in Safa British School, starting in 2023. This role aligns perfectly with my educational background and passion for networking technologies. I am excited to contribute my expertise to my new team and continue my professional growth in this role.