Ahmed Mansour

Ahmed Mansour

Ahmed Mansour

There are three qualities to the most righteous: Honesty in anger, generosity in hardship and forgiveness in strength.

About Me

My Name is Ahmed Mansour, born in Cairo 1987. Since I was a kid, Arabic language was the top source of my happiness. Reading Arabic stories and poems frequently was such an enjoyment. More generally, I feel I have the potential to inspire and encourage students of all abilities to reach their full potential. This is an interest that goes back to my childhood: while still at school, I was involved as a participant and as a leader in several extra-curricular activities relating to Arabic and Islamic studies. 

While I followed my passion, I graduated as a teacher of Arabic language and Islamic studies. My commitment to teaching is shown not only in the classroom but also in a longstanding interest in curriculum activities.   

My interpersonal skills have developed greatly over my career to date, as I have had to communicate with learners from the primary stage up to adult classes, catering for students with different abilities. It has been challenging but nonetheless enjoyable. The most fulfilling aspect for me is helping with small-group work and projects, assisting them in lessons using games as an educational and motivational tool. 

My Experience

My teaching career began in Egypt, where I taught Arabic language at a school and subsequently at two language institutes. During this period, I taught students at the primary and secondary levels, as well as undergraduate non-native speakers. 

Having both designed and taught a range of Arabic-language curricula for nearly 13 years in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.  

As a native Arabic-speaking teacher, I am fascinated by everything I have learned over my nearly thirteen years’ experience. I appreciate the opportunity to share my knowledge and enthusiasm with the students at Safa British School.