Ahmed Mahmoud

Ahmed Mahmoud

Ahmed Mahmoud

The teacher is a real builder; Because the teacher builds the human being, who is the center of the universe, and education is not learning facts, but training the mind to think.

About Me

I enjoy teaching Arabic A at SBS for primary and secondary. 

I got a BA in Arabic Language, Literature and Islamic studies from the Faculty of Dar Al Ulum, Cairo University 2012, and then I earned my diploma in Education from South Valley University 2013. 

I worked in Egypt for two years as an Arabic language teacher for middle and high school native speakers and I worked as a teacher for non-Arabic speakers in different Arabic language centers. 

I came to Dubai in 2014, and I worked in many private schools. Then I was happy to join to Safa British School five academic years ago. 

I am keen on applying new methods and advanced techniques in teaching to achieve the highest outcomes of my pupils. 

I like reading, meeting people from different cultures, jogging and taekwondo. 

In the future I aim to work as a family counselor and lecturer in the field of family relations and child care.

My Experience

I have 9 years experience teaching Arabic to native speakers and non-native speakers.

I worked as:  

  • Arabic teacher at Safa British School (Primary and Secondary)- (August 2017 until now).
  • Arabic teacher at Modern Skills School (Primary and Secondary)- ( 2015- 2017).
  • Arabic teacher at School of Research science. (Primary and Secondary)- (2014- 2015).
  • Arabic teacher for non-Arabic Speakers at Maqsoud Center (2013 – 2014).
  • Arabic teacher for non-Arabic Speakers and Qur’an and Tajweed Teacher at Arabian Center (2012- 2013).
  • Private Arabic Teacher (2012).