Micro, Mini & Junior Duke

Empowering Children

Safa British School is an authorised provider of the Micro Dukes Award, the Mini Dukes Award, the Junior Dukes Award and the Senior Dukes Award.

  • Parents pay a nominal fee that covers the cost of the workbooks, certificates and badges, then the rest is run by a member of the teaching staff. 
  • Each student is given their age appropriate booklet and within this they are set challenges in which they need to achieve in order to win the award.
  • Students have 6-9 months to complete 10 of the 14 challenges set out in their books.
  • Each Year group has a different set of challenges. 
  • The Junior Duke Award can help young people to carve out a better future as it challenges children from the age of four to master life skills which help them to become capable young adults. After completing it, they will be ready to move onto the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award which colleges, universities and employers regard highly.

Life Skills Awards For Children Aged 5 to 13

Award Structure

Children with A ‘Can-Do’ Attitude


Having goals to aim for and achieve keeps children interested & motivated.


On completing a challenge, children need to be assessed by a teacher they may not know therefore creating a need for conversation between people who may never have met or had reason to speak. This develops children’s confidence.

10 Stages

There are 10 components to each level of the award, teaching children the value of effort & patience.

The Booklet

Each set of 10 challenges are explained fully in a booklet and there is space for self assessment and photographic evidence for most of the challenges.

House Points

On completing a level, children earn House Points helping to feel they have done something great for their 'team'. Many children encourage others in their 'House' to work hard to complete their challenges.