Duke of Edinburgh Award

Supporting young people as they transition from youth to adult

Safa British School participates actively in the International Duke of Edinburgh Award with opportunities for bronze, silver and gold awards. Safa British School is an official licensed Independent Award Centre (IAC) for The Duke of Edinburgh International Award.

  • Bronze

    14 years - will take a minimum of 26 weeks to complete

  • Silver

    15 years - will take a minimum of 52 weeks to complete

  • Gold

    16 years - will take a minimum of 78 weeks to complete

The Award allows young people to determine what they are passionate about, regardless of their background, culture or access to resources. By creating opportunities for young people to develop skills, get physically active, give service and experience adventure, the Award can play a critical role in their development.​ 

The Award helps instill confidence and self-esteem! It ignites passion and increases motivation, as well as develops skills and acknowledges achievement in a non-academic setting. 

The Award is an internationally recognized Award across over 140 countries; we’re serious when we say the Award looks good on resumes, scholarships, and applications! Young people stand out in the job market when they leverage their Award achievements.

As an Award participant, you will have the chance to:

  • Design your own Award program
  • Set SMART goals and work towards them, recording your progress
  • Make a positive impact on the lives of others through community service
  • Learn valuable practical and social skills for career development
  • Take up the challenge of an Adventurous Journey with a team of peers
  • Connect with other Award Participants at home and abroad

The Framework

There are four sections to complete for each Award level,  plus a Gold Project that is completed at Gold. 

Voluntary Service

Physical Recreation

Skill Development

Adventurous Journey

Gold Project