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‘As pupils progress through the school, they become reflective learners who are critical thinkers and can work in teams. They are confident and resilient learners who show a deep enjoyment of learning.’

BSO inspection report 2022

The Curriculum at Safa British School comprises of all learning and other experiences that we plan for our children, and it works in collaboration with families and the local community to provide opportunities for all children to learn and to achieve. We consistently promote children’s social moral, spiritual and cultural development and prepare all children for the opportunities, responsibilities, and experiences of life. 

The curriculum of the school is organised so that children are stimulated, encouraged and challenged to develop their individual potential and personality to the full. Curriculum overviews and schemes of work are aligned with UK expectations outlining a clear progression of skills for each year group.

Learning Gears

There are 6 Safa Learning Gears – the skills of collaboration, curiosity, self-management, GRIT, creativity, research and thinking are ‘assets’ for all learners. Children bring these assets to school in some form – our job at Safa is to help grow them to add value to the capacity to learn. These assets can be nurtured and deepened throughout their time at school.

Our SBS Learning Gears are interwoven throughout the Plan It curriculum and daily life at Safa. The Learning Gears provide the learning skills and values that our students need not only to successfully shape their own lives but also to contribute positively to the lives of others. 

Managing Self

Crafting and improving, resilience, reflecting critically, and developing techniques.


Embracing uniqueness, fostering self-expression, developing resilience and perseverance. Working towards our own potential.

Critical Thinking

Imaginative and creative thinking, making connections, exploring and investigating.


Contributing positively, effectively communicating, sharing ideas, developing empathy and compassion.


Inquisitive, wondering and questioning, exploring and investigating, challenging thinking.


Nurturing imagination, sharing opinions, thinking creatively, problem solving, and communicating in new ways.

Online Platforms

Seesaw is an online learning platform that enhances student engagement. Teachers can empower students to create, reflect, share, and collaborate. Students “show what they know” using photos, videos, drawings, text, PDFs, and links. It’s simple to get student work in one place and share it with families.

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CENTURY is an AI-powered online home learning platform that tailors study materials to the needs of every child. CENTURY learning ages range from Year 3 to Year 13 and focus specifically around English, Maths and Science. As CENTURY is an AI platform, it is able to develop an individual education plan for each child. Every individual path, as it is referred to in Century, is different in order to challenge all students across all ability groups.

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Times Tables Rock Stars is a carefully sequenced programme of daily times tables practice. Each week concentrates on a different times table, with a recommended consolidation week for rehearsing the tables that have recently been practised every third week or so. This format has very successfully boosted times tables recall speed for hundreds of thousands of pupils over the last 8 years in over 16,000 schools – both primary and secondary – worldwide.

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