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Healthy Eating

The school promotes a healthy balanced diet to help children stay focused and attentive during the school day. All children need to have a mid-morning snack.  We encourage fruit and vegetables, and would ask you not to send your child with chocolate, crisps or sweets of any kind.

*The school has a NO NUTS policy due to the number of children who suffer from nut related allergies.

FS - Year 4

Children can bring in a packed lunch with their familiar foods from home. Alternatively, they can have lunch provided by the canteen, which is delivered to the classroom as a packed snack and lunch.

Year 5 onwards

Children will have the option of packed lunch or use the online top-up/tap & go catering service provided by the school canteen. 

Term 1 | 2023

School Canteen Menu

Each day students can choose from the snack selection for first break, and one of eight lunch options. Drinks, fruits, baked goods and baked lays/popcorn will be available to add.

FS - Year 4Year 5 - 6


Cafe Menu

Freshly made grab and go options are available throughout the day.

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Tuckshop Online

Choose your preferred meal plans and delivery schedules.

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Welcome to the Tuckshop Cafe at Safa British School

Our menus are freshly prepared daily in the SBS on-site kitchen. This allows us to prepare additional food to avoid running out, it also allows us to top up fresh food for each break and for after-school activities. Rather than transporting food in delivery vans, we believe preparing on-site to be a safer, more hygienic and fresher experience for the students. All meals will be served from the SBS pre-packed in eco-friendly packaging with bio-degradable cutlery.

Our daily menus include non-vegetarian, a vegetarian hot meal of the day, whole-wheat pasta with our protein-rich vegan tomato sauce or beef bolognaise. Our hot and cold snack options include pitta pizzas, quesadillas, fruit pots, freshly baked banana bread, and more. Our pitta pizzas and quesadillas are made with our tasty protein-rich tomato sauce which includes lentils and a blend of many vegetables to add protein, fibre, flavour and nutritional goodness.

Research shows that a healthy lunch time meal helps concentration and learning ability in the afternoon. We believe in a pleasant environment for students, our staff are friendly, knowledgeable and helpful when serving.

We are passionate about creating the best school meals for students of all ages and look forward to providing your children our new dining experience.


All meals are made fresh everyday on SBS site


Meals are nutritious, nut free, sesame free and varied


Meals that are easy to grab and go