iSams Parent Portal

The Parent Portal / iParent App offers a fantastic new way to gain quick access to your child’s school information and keep up-to-date with how well they are getting on at school. You can also read the latest school news, view our school calendar and access other helpful information. 

  1. To create your account, please contact
  2. Once you have registered online and created your account you will then be able to use these details to login into the iParent App.  
The Parent Portal and iParent App is simple to use with your personalised dashboard which is organised across five key tabs: 
  • My App Dashboard – for you to view a snapshot of relevant notifications, news and calendar events by date
  • My Children – for access to profile menus for each child you have at our school including information such as reports and assessments, timetables, school news and more
  • Comms – an area where you can update contact details, view any communication history and manage communication subscriptions
  • Information – the school information hub with quick access to our daily bulletin, school calendar, school news and school directory
  • Settings – an area for you to manage your personalised App settings
The iParent App is available for iOS and Android devices. You can download it for free from Google Play or the Apple Store.

The data shared via the iParent App is protected using sophisticated data encryption and device management methods to ensure that it cannot be accessed by unauthorised personnel. We hope you find the Parent Portal / iParent App a valuable new channel for receiving and sharing information about your child.

If you have forgotten your log in details please click here to reset your password. Please contact should you have any further issues. 

Desktop Access

LOGINVideo Tutorial

Seesaw (FS1 - Year 6)

Seesaw is our main learning platform which provides a digital portfolio of your child’s learning and it is also a simple parent communication tool.  Parents and children will be provided with their own login details at the commencement of the school year. Teachers provide daily updates through pictures and videos, which are aligned to the learning objectives, parents are able to see and comment on this, as well as review the teacher’s feedback and dialogue with the students.

learning ladders

Learning Ladders/ Ladders at Home (FS1 - Year 6)

Learning Ladders’ is an online tool that our class teachers use every week to record and assess which learning objectives each child is working on in class.

Ladders at Home’ will allow us to connect you to your child’s learning in real-time, giving you access to what they are learning in school right now, as well as a large quantity of information about why this objective is important and how you can support this objective at home. The articles have been created by hundreds of UK classroom teachers and offer a wealth of ideas and activities that will enable you to easily take your child’s learning from school to home. The articles are also available in a range of languages.

‘Ladders at Home’ will be used in addition to the weekly homework/tasks posted on the D6 communicator. It is an optional extra for you to support your child’s learning at home, however we encourage you to use it as often as possible in order to remain informed about what is happening in class. Currently, our teachers use Learning Ladders in the following subjects:

  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Maths
  • Science
  • Creative Arts
  • P.E.

Abjadiyat (Arabic A)

Abjadiyat is an Arabic language learning platform that offers engaging and interactive content designed by leading academics based on best practices and standards. The app contains a scaffolded approach that ensures students of different levels can learn and practice the Arabic language with confidence at school and home.

Desktop Access


arabits (Arabic B)

Arabits is a complete language learning system created by experienced education professionals and powered by state-of-the-art AI. At SBS we use arabits to develop listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills with a fun variety of exercises enriched by AI-based tools including speech and handwriting recognition.

Desktop Access


epraise (FS - Secondary)

Every family who joins SBS will be added to a house. Our House system helps foster a community spirit, provides opportunities to connect with students in different year groups, and allows students to support each other both socially and academically. We use epraise – an online system to collect our students house points. Epraise is designed to motivate students and engage parents. Epraise showcases our students house points, badges, leaderboards and certificates. 


Microsoft Teams (Secondary Students)

Microsoft Teams is our main online Teaching and Learning platform. All students are provided with an education copy of Microsoft Office, and the school’s Virtual Learning Platform is built around the Microsoft Teams application.