Safa Mission Statement

Safa British School’s Vision

Our Vision is to Create a School that Unlocks the Potential of Every Child

Mission for the School

  • To be a community of diverse nationalities where we celebrate diversity while building on local ethos and culture to create truly multinational citizens that will be leaders in their respective fields.
  • We will have a learning environment that removes all barriers to learning and have provisions in place that address the unique needs of all our individual learners.
  •  Through the implementation of latest teaching methodologies our overriding aim is to ensure that every student of the school is able to excel academically across all core subjects.
  • To enable each student to realise his/her full potential through a school policy of differentiation in planning and teaching.
  • Sports will be an integral component of our educational offering and will be used to impart life long skill sets of grit, perseverance and self discipline. Our challenging sporting curriculum invites our students to develop both physical and psychological well being.
  • We will provide excellent professional development and bespoke career development opportunities for all staff and will build a highly professional workforce who are both challenged and supported to work to excellent standards at all times.
  • We will provide our parents with high quality information, reports and feedback about their child’s progress while encouraging their active involvement via a programme of meetings, parent’s forums and social events

SAFA Core Values

Purpose Learning Opportunities

  • Engaging, Innovative learning practices
  • Student led teaching aided by modern learning tools and resources
  • Captivating indoors and outdoor spaces to spark creativity

Respectful, Independent THINKERS

  • Emphasis on character building through range of spots and extra curricular activities
  • Imbibing culture of competing hard while always being fair
  • An environment where it is cool to be nice

Personalised Academic Success

  • Relentless focus on setting and achieving outstanding academic goals
  • Recognising individuality of every child and setting targets accordingly
  • Challenging students positively to reach their highest potential

Caring Family Culture

  • A supportive community for everyone associated with Safa British School
  • A home away from home for students, an extended family for staff
  • Celebrate each other’s individual successes while never losing sight of teamwork