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Homework Policy

Safa British School Homework Policy

This page outlines the Safa British School Homework Policy.


Research has indicated that compulsory, written homework in the primary school has little positive impact on children’s achievement. However, at Safa British School Dubai, we set high expectations for our pupils and we believe that when children are fully supported at home, their chances of success increase significantly. Parents have an important role to play in the educational development of their children; this development is a shared responsibility between home and school and voluntary Home Link activities provide an opportunity for parents to play a significant role in supporting this development.


  • To strengthen home-school links
  • To challenge, extend and support our children
  • To practise essential numeracy facts and tables
  • To enjoy reading as a leisure activity

Parents are asked to:

  • Read to their child each day
  • Listen to their child reading each day (older children may prefer to read to themselves but should still prepare a page/paragraph to read aloud to you as reading aloud to an audience is a different and valuable skill)
  • Play games with their Sight Words with younger children
  • Discuss a story/book with their child and make sure they have understood it
  • Help KS1 & KS2 children learn and practise the maths facts linked to Maths Clubs
  • Look at the wide range of suggested Home Links – Voluntary Family Activities which will be sent through the Safa British School Communicator and allow children to decide if they wish to try any of them
  • Discuss the theme for Big Writing with their child to help them to generate ideas and vocabulary (this is a discussion time only, not a writing time)

IMG_4391Home Links are most beneficial when:

  • They are self-motivated
  • They are voluntary
  • They are linked to the current topic of study
  • They are fun
  • They are undertaken with family support
  • Positive feedback is given by parents and teachers

Home Links Voluntary Family Activities can be accessed via the Safa British School Communicator.

Each year group will also share their Week At A Glance (WAAG) with details of the week ahead’s key learning objectives.

Parents can help by:

  • IMG_4038Taking an active interest in the Home Links
  • Ensuring that time is set aside for practising numeracy facts
  • Encouraging and supporting children to complete a few of the Home Links
  • Modelling an enjoyment of reading
  • Enjoying reading time with their children

Teachers can help by:

  • Checking and signing Reading Records regularly
  • Running Maths Clubs weekly
  • Posting an exciting variety of Home Links activities on the web at the beginning of each topic
  • Ensuring that parents are aware of the school’s home links policy
  • Providing positive encouragement when children bring in evidence of their voluntary activities
  • Sharing weekly key learning objectives and some ideas of how to support learning through their WAAG published on the Safa British School Communicator

Children can help by:

  • Being aware of the importance of reading
  • Being aware of the importance of learning number bonds and tables
  • Being aware of the school’s home link policy
  • Enjoying a few of the suggested activities for each topic which are shared on the Safa British School Communicator

For more information regarding the Safa British School Homework Policy, please contact us.