Safa Diversity

Safa British School takes great pride in being a truly global community with families from almost fifty different countries and cultures.

As well as celebrating the diversity of our Safa family through sharing our cultural festivals, we also celebrate our unity as a community living and learning in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Throughout the year we have a range of celebrations such as our International day where every pupil is given the opportunity to celebrate his or her home country’s values and culture. Parents are also invited to participate with stalls showcasing their home countries dishes and traditions aswell as music and dance on the central stage.

Our UAE National Day celebrations enhance the school’s local links with a week of events where our children come to school wearing UAE colours or National dress and participate in a wide array of local activities. The week celebrates the UAE foods, Arabic music, dance and culture (including visiting camels, falcons and Dubai Police horses and dogs).

Throughout the Year we celebrate cultural events from across the world. This includes Diwali, Eid, Chinese New Year, Islamic New Year, Rememberance day, to name but a few. Celebrations are supported with enthusiasm by our whole school body inclusive of our parents.

Our curriculum throughout the year celebrates the diversity of the school through our DiversCity Curriculum. DiversCity focuses on “The Me You Can’t See” where our pupils further their knowledge of social justice, inclusion and the range of cultures and backgrounds we have under our roof here at Safa British School. We have recently been shortlisted by The International Schools Award 2022 for Diversity. A recognition that is at the heart of our ethos.

In light of our commitment to diversity, Safa British School has a zero-tolerance policy against all forms of discrimination. We actively encourage members of our community to voice any concerns to the school principal.