Meet the Board

The Safa British School Board

The Safa British School Board was incorporated to provide an independent perspective on matters relating to the school. The Safa British School Board has the mandate to advise and support school leadership in its strategic and operational plans.  It is the mission of The Board to fully exploit this advisory position to assist the school in realising its full potential and aims as set out in the Vision, Mission and Policy Statements of the school. The Board will strive to support policies, projects and targets within the financial budget. While some members of the Safa British School Board are permanent members, other positions are changed on a regular basis in order to keep getting fresh perspectives.

The Safa British School Board composition is aimed to ensure that there is representation across several stake-holders. To that end, one position is reserved for parents and one for a staff representative. The other board positions are filled in by eminent people from the field of education, social science and the wider community.

Roles of the the Board


  • To promote a partnership between the Board and the school administration to develop a high quality management team.
  • To be aware of the strategic view of the school’s development plan
  • To contribute to the leadership of the school by supporting the Principal in the implementation of all school goals, aims and policies and to contribute to curriculum development.
  • To organise sub-committees as necessary to carry out specific developments/projects.
  • To hold the school accountable for standards and performance.


  • Research and advise on major expenditure issues.
  • Act as financial advisor to the shareholders
  • Promote the financial success of the school through advice on marketing, cost cutting, sound accounting practices etc.

Functioning of the Board

  • The Safa British School Board currently comprises 15 members including the Principal.
  • The Board is constituted to include a wide range of stakeholders.
  • A Board meeting is held in each academic term.
  • Minutes of each Board meeting are maintained at the school and are provided to relevant bodies including the Ministry of Education / Knowledge and Human Development Authority and annual Dubai School Inspection Board team.

Proprietors of Safa British School

  • Mr. Louay Khatib – 050 6252814
  • Mr. Sameer Merchant – 050 4618093

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