Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 (KS1 & KS2)

Curriculum KS1/KS2

KS1 comprises of two years of schooling, commonly known as Year 1 and Year 2, when pupils are aged between 5 and 7. This Key Stage forms the first part of primary education. Key Stage 2 is the four years of schooling commonly known as Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6, when pupils are aged between 7 and 11. Lower KS2, Year 3 and Year 4, transitions children from lower to upper primary school. Upper KS2, Year 5 and Year 6, begin to prepare your child for secondary education.

The School Curriculum at Safa British School comprises of all learning and other experiences that we plan for our children. The central aims of our curriculum is to work in collaboration with families and the local community to provide opportunities for all children to learn and to achieve. We strive to promote children’s moral, social and cultural development and prepare all children for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life.

The curriculum of the school is organised so that children are stimulated, encouraged and challenged to develop their individual potential and personality to the full. Through a well-planned and organised curriculum, effectively taught by qualified and enthusiastic teachers, children are helped to:

  • Gain a joy and commitment to learning that will last a lifetime
  • Develop appreciation and concern for the environment
  • Explore real-life, worldwide issues and contribute to meeting the Sustainable Development Goals 2030 at class and school level, through dedicated curriculum time
  • Develop the essential literacy and numeracy skills needed to learn
  • Develop the attitudes, understanding and skills to become successful, independent learners
  • Foster creativity
  • Develop lively, enquiring minds
  • Develop personal values, qualities and attitudes and be respectful of other people and their views and opinions
  • Work cooperatively with others
  • Work toward achieving their potential

Our curriculum is designed to reflect our aims and to meet the requirements of the National Curriculum for England. Our teachers will bring the National Curriculum alive by making links between the individual subjects and applying them through themes and interests generated by the children. We aim to put the children at the centre of their own learning and place great emphasis on nurturing skills and attitudes such as resourcefulness, resilience and cooperation.

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The Curriculum at KS1 and KS2

Safa British School follows the National Curriculum of England, in which the following subjects are taught:

Information and Communication Technology
Geography and History
Design and Technology
PE and School Sport
Personal, Social, Health Education (PSHE) and Citizenship
Drama and Sustainability