Classrooms are oriented such that they create their own “Learning Community” within each zone. Classrooms are clustered in a circular fashion and the space between is effectively deployed as ‘Learning Street” wherein books, laptops and IT facilities will be accessible so that students can segregate in smaller teams and carry out individual, un-supervised learning and research, but within the overall line of sight of their teachers.

The curriculum is designed to address both the academic rigour needed at the secondary level as well as soft skills of the students. The academic curriculum is derived from the National Curriculum and incorporates significant UAE adaptation as well as cross references between subject to ensure that the students not only learn the topics but put it in context of their day to day life. The soft skills curriculum is imparted through our Learning Gears framework.

In line with its Vision of unlocking the full potential of every child, Safa British school will offer a challenging curriculum enabling students to achieve their fullest social, intellectual, spiritual, emotional, cultural and physical potential. The school’s teaching community will teach values and respect for all, is dedicated to academic excellence, will demand responsibility and promote the power of collaboration, creativity and critical thinking. The fundamental purpose of the curriculum is to enable every one of our students to reach their highest possible level of attainment.

Achievement is used in its broadest sense including:

  1. Knowledge and understanding
  2. Practical skills and the ability to apply and transfer knowledge
  3. Ability to show initiative and also be involved in decision making
  4. Personal and social skills
  5. Attitudes, motivation and commitment

Our secondary curriculum provides an all-round education, combining academic excellence with a wealth of enrichment opportunities. It has been designed to develop independent learning, resilience and confidence and our belief is that it will provide our students with immediate advantages in gaining places in top universities and, later on, in the workplace. The broad and balanced curriculum approach will continue to Year 9 in line with the National Curriculum, after which the students will be supported as they make their GCSE / IGCSE course choices and become more specialised. Alongside the academic programme, we will offer a full Enrichment programme and students are encouraged to engage in sporting, creative and community-based activities. Designed to explore future careers as well as stretching natural talents, the secondary enrichment courses inspire, challenge and engage our students.

The Curriculum at KS3

Safa British School follows the National Curriculum of England, in which the following subjects are taught:

Social Studies
Moral Education
Music, Drama, Art
Design and Technology
Physical Education