brand new campus

Brand new purpose-built campus (co-designed by our children) in the heart of Jumeirah, where there have been no new schools for over a decade.

Rated 'Very good' by khda

Rated by KHDA as ‘Very Good’ and ‘Outstanding” in all areas of protection, care, guidance & support.

Award Winning Curriculum

Award Winning Curriculum based around the sustainable development goals 2030.

Performing Arts

Partnership with Dubai Performing Arts. Dance and theatre are incorporated into the curriculum

A happy school

96% of parents said their children are happy at SBS (KHDA Survey)
“Today, in our view, Safa British School qualifies as the most architecturally and thematically beautiful school in the UAE.” – SchoolsCompared.com, 2020

staying safe

Our school continues to remain open for face-to-face learning 5 days a week, and our children’s safety remains our priority.

Ladders at home

Ladders at Home’ is a home learning tool which allows you to access the objectives that your child is currently working on in class. Each objective is linked to a wealth of information about how you can best support your child with this objective at home.

Parent expectations

  • Access ‘Ladders at Home’ at least once per week to stay informed about current learning objectives
  • Use ‘Ladders at Home’ as an optional tool, in addition to set homework, to support specific learning objectives
  • Support your child with their ‘in progress’ objectives, as well as revising the ‘completed’ ones

teacher expectations

  • Update Learning Ladders regularly. This may be weekly for each subject, or less frequently, depending on the length of time an objective or topic takes to cover.