Safa British School Fees Dubai

Please use this page to find out more information about school fees for Safa British School, including fees for Learning Enhancement.  This page also provides details for payment methods and bank transfer details.

Year GroupSept’20 – Aug ’21 Full Year FeesSept ’21 – Aug ’22 Discounted Lifetime FeesKHDA Approved Fees 
FS1AED 29,262AED 32,000AED 42,000
FS2AED 42,818AED 44,000AED 46,000
YR1AED 42,818AED 44,500AED 46,000
YR2AED 42,818AED 44,500AED 50,000
YR3AED 42,818AED 44,500AED 50,000
YR4AED 42,818AED 46,000AED 54,000
YR5AED 42,818AED 47,000AED 54,000
YR6AED 42,818AED 47,000AED 56,000
YR7AED 50,000AED 52,000AED 58,000
YR8AED 50,000AED 52,000AED 60,000
YR9AED 54,000AED 62,000



Since there was a fee increase post moving to the new campus, different parents will be on different fee structures depending on their date of joining the school.

New Parents

  • Parents joining in current Academic year ( Sept ’20-Aug ’21) and in next academic year ( Sept ’21-Aug ’22) will be paying the approved discounted fees as per the table above for their lifelong stay at the school, subject to annual approved percentage increase.

Existing Parents

  • Existing parents who have joined the school prior to Sept ’20 will continue on their approved fees at the time of their joining the school, subject to annual approved percentage increase.

    Payment Options

    • Cash
    • Cheque
    • Bank transfers

    Click the following link for more information on payment methods and bank transfer details. For payment plan options please contact the Accounts.

    Refund Policy

    Please refer to the KHDA Fee framework for refund policy.

    For More Information About Safa British School Fees Dubai

    If you require further details regarding school fees for Safa British School or payment of school fees Dubai, please click here to contact us.